Why It’s Important to be a Role Model and Watch What You Eat

Why It’s Important to be a Role Model and Watch What You Eat

Parents and older siblings are usually the first role models that kids are exposed to, and these kiddos are likely to mimic the eating habits of the adults and older siblings in their lives, especially if everyone is getting their full servings of veggies and fruits from one Baked Smart Cookie.

Because of this, it’s important to think about all the ways you are seen as a role model and how you can help the little ones develop solid eating choices in the long term.

Developing Healthy Dietary Habits

The first step in the journey toward healthy eating behaviors begins with modelling the actions and attitudes you wish your child to adopt for themselves. Simply put, you should be willing to try new foods so that your little one(s) try those same foods.

Limiting the kinds of foods your household has access to is another important trick for getting on track to healthy eating. Be mindful of the foods you bring home, and create grocery shopping lists that promote freshness and non-processed ingredients.

Setting Goals Together and More Tips for Improving Eating Habits

Research shows that kids with parents who eat a healthy balance of fruits and vegetables are likely to eat these same foods themselves. Likewise, parents who indulge in more snacks and less healthy foods will have children who copy these choices.

That is to say, however, our smart cookies merge the best of both of those worlds with the nutrition of four fruits and four veggies, rounded out with that rich chocolatey goodness kids love, but either way, having goals and setting up tips now will only help the kiddos later. Consider:

  • Making Meal Time a Family Activity - Sharing meals is the perfect opportunity for kids to see healthy eating habits. Family breakfasts, lunches, or dinners are a great chance for kids to sit down and be more open to try new foods when they see their loved ones enjoying the same stuff.
  • Discussing Favorite Foods - Have conversations centered on eating healthy foods and share which foods or dishes are your favorite. An honest and open talk with your kids lets you know what types of food may be less appetizing to your little one(s). This important info also fills you in on what you can do to introduce them to alternatives or even develop creative recipe ideas that may help them be more open to trying these foods.
  • Keeping Things Positive - It’s easy to make negative comments at home, not realizing your words may affect how your kids look at a particular food or food group. There are likely plenty of foods you don’t enjoy eating, but avoid sharing your thoughts when in the presence of your child so that they don’t take on the same attitudes without first trying it for themselves.
  • Getting the Help of Friends and Family - Older siblings, friends, aunts, uncles, and grandparents are all helpful allies for any mommy, daddy, or caregiver looking to teach their little ones about the importance of eating healthy. The phrase “it takes a village” is a good approach for taking on the responsibility of becoming a positive role model in the life of your child.

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