How Can I Encourage My Child to Eat Healthy Vegetables?

How Can I Encourage My Child to Eat Healthy Vegetables?


When you read the word, did you cringe? Did you smile?

Naturally, most children might squirm a bit when they hear the word “veggies.” But these important foods are vital for their health and development.

According to Time Magazine, eating vegetables early in childhood is especially beneficial. More specifically, in a study conducted by Dr. Michael Miedema, it was discovered that those who ate seven to nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day in their youth were 25% less likely to have a significant amount of coronary calcium in their arteries as adults.

Unfortunately, getting your children to eat enough fruits and veggies is easier said than done. But while it may not be an easy task, it isn’t impossible.

Let the good folks at Baked Smart Cookie give you some helpful tips on how to get your child (or children) to eat more veggies. With a little dedication, following these simple steps will have your little ones eating healthy in no time.

Best Ways to Encourage Your Children to Eat More Vegetables

  1. Set Goals and Create a Plan

    When starting with anything new, creating a plan can be especially beneficial because it will give you direction and motivation. Writing things down can also help tremendously, as it allows you to have more perspective on where you’re headed.

    So, take out your pen and journal, and write down where you want your family to be in the coming months. Experts claim that writing down your goals helps in making them more attainable and tangible.

    The GROW (Goals, Reality, Options, and Way Forward) model is a great template to use. You can use this method to help you visualize your goals:

    Goal Setting:

    • Where do you want to be?
    • How will you know when you arrive?


    • Where are you right now?
    • What are some issues and challenges?
    • How far away are you from your goal?


    • What options do you have?
    • How do you plan on overcoming obstacles currently in your way?

    Way Forward:

    • What will you do moving forward?
    • Convert options into actions.
  2. Make it Fun!

    Kids love having fun. Knowing this, you can make eating vegetables an adventure by making the experience rewarding.

    You can do this by cutting vegetables into fun shapes, or get a little more creative and make fun characters out of a variety of vegetables. Additionally, you can name vegetable dishes with memorable names. For example, if your child loves “The Hulk,” you can pair their favorite veggies with a green spinach dip, and name the dish “The Green Hulk Dip.”

  3. Get Your Little Ones Involved

    When trying to incorporate more vegetables into your child’s diet, why not involve them in your grocery trips?

    While at the grocery store, have them choose 2 or 3 vegetables they want to have or brand new ones they want to try. You can take it further by asking them how they want their veggies, whether cooked, raw, or broiled?

    Giving your child some control can mean a lot to them and encourage them to eat more healthily. And because they actually chose the veggies, they’ll be more inclined to eat them.

Get Your Veggies and Fruits with Baked Smart Cookie

Most of us remember being children and hating veggies, but that doesn’t mean our children have to feel the same way.

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