Great 2021 Health Resolutions to Make

Great 2021 Health Resolutions to Make

As we go into 2021, it’s only natural for us to think about setting personal goals. As parents, the beginning of the year is the perfect time to not only talk about the importance of exercise and a healthy diet, but to also teach your children the importance of setting goals. 

When it comes to committing to a healthier lifestyle, family support is crucial for success. With family, there’s power in unity and numbers. Sitting together as a family to plan and go over goals for the upcoming year gives kids the encouragement they need to get involved and motivated to pick up life-long healthy habits. 

Today, we’ll share four ways to motivate your family to adopt a healthy lifestyle in 2021.

4 Healthy New Year Tips for Children

1. Make healthy resolutions fun for everyone.

New Year's resolutions should be fun for the entire family. Setting resolutions is a chance for kids to challenge themselves by focusing on fun exercises. If you want your family to be more health-conscious, get every member of the family to give input on groceries and participate in preparing a meal.
Find new vegetable recipes or use vegetable recipes your family already enjoys. Give your youngins the opportunity to pick out new veggies for you to bring home, and encourage older kids to find new recipes and help prepare new meals in the kitchen.
If you want to be more active, look for new ways to get in some exercise. Find a Zumba video online or visit a new park every week to keep things interesting.


2. Get children’s input on how to reach goals.

Ask children what sorts of goals they would like to achieve and help them break down a big goal into smaller, short-term goals. For example, if the long-term goal is to eat more fruits and veggies, a short-term goal might be to challenge your kids to eat fruits or vegetables as an afternoon snack.
Support your little ones by keeping your fridge stocked with healthy options. Remember to wash and cut produce the moment you get home from the grocery store for easy access.


3. Organize your pantry for better outcomes.

Keeping junk food in the pantry is a guaranteed way to break your New Year's resolution. It may seem quite simple, but avoid keeping tempting foods around the house.
If you and your family want to indulge in ice cream, it's best to make a special trip rather than keep it in the freezer for constant temptation - or buy fruits and vegetables for snacking. 
Small steps like these can get your family involved and set you up for success. It’s safe to say that parents play a vital role in their children's health, so being a role model for healthy habits is imperative.
It’s important to make sure you are not pushing your child into a goal because they are less likely to achieve it if they feel any kind of pressure. What you can do is guide them. If you have a young child who has a hard time sharing, you can tell them you will help them work on this goal.

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