Can Bananas Help Children During Nap Time?

Can Bananas Help Children During Nap Time?

Naptime: one word most children don’t like to hear. When we were kids, we all knew naptime took away from recess, but what we didn’t know was how important naptime was to us, especially to our physical and mental development.

Fortunately, there are various ways parents nowadays can use to encourage their children to get ready for naptime, two of which can be through a short story or a warm glass of milk. One other technique in particular, though, is through nutritious food such as bananas.  

Bananas are filled with many important nutrients--vitamins A, B6, C, potassium, and fiber--that improve a person’s eyesight, grow and develop strong bones, and decrease the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease...

But How Can a Banana Help Your Child Fall Asleep During Naptime? 

The answer is in the various nutrients and natural complex carbohydrates that help contribute to the good quality of sleep your child will receive.

With the combination of rich nutrients and carbohydrates, serotonin is produced in the body. Serotonin, in turn, helps to control melatonin levels, and we all know that melatonin regulates your internal sleeping clock.

Additionally, bananas are high in carbohydrates which can aid in making your child’s body feel fuller, resulting in a sleepier child.  

Bananas also offer convenience for you and your family because they are easier to incorporate into your child’s daily eating routine, especially right before a nap. They can be eaten by adding them in smoothies, cereal, or pancakes, but they can also be eaten alone.

With an aim to get your child to sleep better, it is recommended that you provide your child a protein and carb. So, an ideal light snack before your child’s nap would be toast with peanut butter and banana.

My Kids Won’t Eat Fruits and Vegetables. What Can I Do?

Now, one thing any parent can attest to is that their kid may not want to eat fruits and vegetables. In our fast-paced lives, it has become extremely difficult for parents to make sure that their children meet their daily servings of fruits and vegetables. It is also very challenging finding a good nutritional balance when children prefer eating the sugar in cakes, ice cream, and chocolate.

But with the help from a Baked Smart Cookie, parents now have the ability to bring that nutritional balance to their child or children while satisfying their sweet tooth. By eating Baked Smart Cookies, children will be able to increase their fruit and vegetable intake along with having a tasty wholesome treat right before naptime.

Now, we’re not saying that our cookie is guaranteed to help your child sleep through naptime, but bananas are one of the four fruits that we pack into each cookie. Our cookies are also non-GMO, vegan-friendly, peanut-free, organic, and soy-free, so you won’t have to worry that your child is eating something unhealthy or has certain allergies.

Make preparing for naptime less stressful and more exciting by giving your child a nutritious cookie filled with wholesome ingredients. Rest assured, naptime will no longer be that time kids want to avoid, but instead it will be something your child will look forward to every day.

And us parents will look forward to naptime as well knowing that our children are eating a healthier treat before taking a much-needed rest. 

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