Are Vegan Cookies Healthier Than Regular Cookies?

Are Vegan Cookies Healthier Than Regular Cookies?

It can be tricky to find ways to keep your child’s diet healthy without cutting out all the foods they actually want to eat. While finding a healthy, non-vegan cookie recipe that actually tastes good can be difficult, vegan cookies are an excellent option as they’re both tasty and free of the processed ingredients that make most treats so unhealthy!

Kids who won’t eat vegetables can make parents feel like they’re failing at their job, but the truth is that there are healthy (and delicious) options even for the pickiest eater. Below, learn about what makes vegan cookies a healthy choice for your child, and check out Baked Smart Cookie’s online shop or store locator to find the perfect healthy cookie for your family!

What Makes a Baked Smart Cookie Vegan?

We’ve all heard of veganism, which is not eating any animal products. But for those who don’t practice this lifestyle, it can be a shock to discover how much eating vegan can affect your diet.

Of course, meat is off the table, but your traditional cookie recipe will also face quite a few cuts! Veganism can mean no milk, no eggs, no yogurt, and no butter, which are all essentials in most desserts. If you’re also working to cut out soy and peanuts, your ingredient list may begin to look a little sparse!

Thankfully, there are all sorts of plant-based options and alternatives to these traditional ingredients. Coconut is often used to replicate the consistency of milk, meaning there are vegan solutions to butter, yogurts, and milk itself! Plus, there are all sorts of options when it comes to replacing eggs.

Are Vegan Cookies Healthier?

As you can see, there are lots of unhealthy ingredients that vegan cookies just don’t use. Butter, for instance, can be high in both cholesterol and hormones - and eggs can too.

Simply put, vegan baking alternatives are just healthier.

Still, vegan cookies aren’t a miraculous calorie-free food. You can add tons of sugar to a recipe even if you’ve cut out all the milk and eggs. Vegan cookies still need a source of fat to replace the butter, as well as flour and, of course, sugar.

However, with careful choices and a genius baking process (if we may say so ourselves), Baked Smart Cookies manage to pack an incredible nutritional punch without loading your kids up on fats and sugars!

What Makes Baked Smart Cookies the Ultimate Healthy Cookie?

Not only are each one of our Baked Smart Cookies loaded with half a cup of fruits and vegetables, but we also don’t use any preservatives, artificial flavors, or super-processed ingredients that can make our cookie unhealthy. We use organic, enriched, unbleached flour, organic chocolate chips, and good ol’ organic applesauce to make our cookies tasty and healthy.

With kale, broccoli, and carrots inside, you’d think our cookies would taste like a salad! Instead, we balance these flavors with organic cane sugar and vanilla bean extract, bananas, strawberries, pineapples, and more to make one delicious healthy cookie!

Baked Smart Cookies are a great source of both fruits and vegetables, but your kids won’t taste them! This makes our cookies a life-saver for moms with kids who just won’t eat vegetables.

Order your Baked Smart Cookies today to help keep your picky eaters healthy and happy!

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