Are Artificial Food Colors Safe?

Are Artificial Food Colors Safe?

Human creativity is amazing, even when it comes to food. We humans have the luxury of creating food to our liking and preferences by using a wide range of technologies and tools, such as artificial food coloring and flavoring.

But is there a catch when it comes to changing our foods?

Understandably, we all want the best quality foods, and parents want to ensure that what their children are eating is especially healthy.

If you’ve been wondering about artificial food coloring and what that means for you and your family, look no further. The good folks at Baked Smart Cookie want to answer your questions when it comes to artificial food colors. Read on to learn more!

What Are Artificial Colors?

In short, artificial colors are color dyes that are used to make food look more appealing to consumers. Food colors are generally cheap to use, help lengthen shelf-life, and are brighter than natural food colorings.

The most commonly used seven artificial dyes you can find in various products include:

  • Blue 1
  • Green 3
  • Blue 2
  • Red 3
  • Red 40
  • Yellow 6

According to new research done by the University of North Carolina Asheville, when it comes to food specifically targeted to kids, about 40 percent contains artificial colors and food coloring.

Researchers tested 810 products and found that 350 contained artificial coloring. This can become very worrisome for parents who want their children to eat as naturally as possible.

Understanding what food colorings are and how they can affect you is important so you can make the most informed decisions regarding what your family eats.

Are Artificial Colors Safe?

Even though there have been studies about the use of artificial food dyes, the results have varied. Here are some findings from a paper published in Clinical Pediatrics:

  • Tested candies: 96.3 percent consisted of artificial coloring
  • Fruit-flavored snacks: 94 percent had artificial coloring
  • Drink mixes and powders: 89.7 percent had artificial coloring
  • Frozen breakfast foods: 86 percent had artificial coloring

In another study, researchers tested food dyes on animals. The animals that consumed high doses of food dyes saw tumor growth. These results can be a bit startling when it comes to what we feed our children.

What Can You Do Now?

Even though you can find artificial coloring and flavoring in numerous food products nowadays, finding healthier alternatives isn’t too hard. What follows are some simple guidelines you and your family can use to eat healthier:

  1. Read Labels When Shopping
    It is good to become familiar with the names of artificial colors and flavors. It may seem tedious in the beginning, but it will be worth it for the health and well-being of your family. It’s recommended you do some more research about particular artificial colors and flavors so you can avoid (and eat) the right foods.

  2. Cook and Bake at Home
    Cooking meals at home rather than eating fast food is an excellent alternative. This way, you’ll have full control of the ingredients in your meals.

  3. Focus on Whole Foods and/or Buy Organic
    By buying whole foods or organic foods, you’ll be treating your body to the best. Organic foods are less processed and contain less harmful chemicals.
    One thing to note about organic labeled foods is that manufacturers must follow particular production regulations that ultimately mean healthier products for you. Although there is no “end all, save all” solution, there are ways to limit your consumption of processed foods that have artificial flavors and colors.

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