5 Nutritious Foods to Keep You Warm During A Winter Storm

5 Nutritious Foods to Keep You Warm During A Winter Storm

Texas was recently hit with an unprecedented winter storm that left millions without power to endure freezing temperatures and flooded, iced-over homes. For some, the power was out for hours, while others, days.

Keeping warm may be something that Texans haven’t often considered in the past, what with temperatures usually revolving around hot and hotter, but when nature throws a curveball like this, taking every measure you can to stay warm is necessary.

Our philosophy here at Baked Smart Cookie has always been about prioritizing our community’s health and safety, and in keeping with that, we want to help others keep warm in one of the many ways we know how: through your stomach.

5 Foods That Can Help Your Body Keep Warm 

Remember, all foods can act as fuel to help keep you warm, especially foods that take longer to digest as they can raise your body temperature and help you feel warmer. Foods that have this effect are generally those high in healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. 

Some great foods to try to help keep you warm during the colder temperatures include many items you may already have at home like: 

  • Bananas – This fruit is packed with vitamin B and magnesium and can also help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of developing cancer. They are a great way to support your body’s thyroid and adrenal glands, all of which work to regulate your body temperature and can also boost mood.
  • Ginger Tea – This hot tea offers welcome warmth on cold days. Ginger aids in digestive health and stimulates thermogenesis--that is, the production of heat within the body. Ginger tea is also a diaphoretic, meaning it keeps your body warm from the inside out. On top of all of this, this tasty tea offers several other health benefits like boosting immunity, improving circulation, and reducing inflammation and stress.
  • Oats – A great way to start your morning is with a bowl of hot oats or other type of porridge or oatmeal. Oats offer a great source of whole grains and fiber and improve cholesterol. Eating oats will also make you feel full and satisfied while packing in a wide range of nutrients to help you through colder days. 
  • Sweet Potatoes – Root vegetables such as sweet potatoes require more energy to move through the digestion process, all the while elevating your body temperature. Sweet potatoes offer high counts of vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium and can add fiber and other nutrients to a delicious and warm winter dinner.
  • Butternut Squash – Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients, butternut squash is a perfect food to warm you up on a chilly winter day. With high levels of vitamin C and potassium, butternut squash boosts your immune system and dietary fiber to regulate your digestive system and keep you healthy. 

It is important to keep in mind that while a power outage may take away the ability to cook something on the stove, a grill or a fireplace could act as a great alternative heat source to turn any of these great warming foods into a hot dish that can warm the soul. Just remember to take all safety precautions necessary so that you don’t harm yourself in the process.

Your Health Means the World to Us.

While this unlikely winter storm may be keeping you from the foods you and your family most enjoy, some of the suggested foods to keep you warm and healthy you may already have on hand and can help you get through these uncomfortable temperatures.

Through everything we endured during this uncertainty, one of the most remarkable things that we saw was how the community got together to help each other in need. From many opening warming centers and others offering hot food, it was inspiring to see fellow Texans helping one another.

Stay Safe and Stay Warm, and if You Need to Restock Your Pantry, You Can Also Pick Us Up at Any of These Locations, Too!

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